Unleash Your Fighter Within

Do you have a friendly grudge to settle? Fighter Within on Kinect for Xbox One delivers a fun and immersive motion fighting experience. Using a large array of realistic moves, Fighter Within allows you to choose between many fighters, all with distinct fighting styles and signature attacks.

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Get ready to express your inner fighter by taking full use of Kinect for Xbox One and a new generation of Kinect technology. Fighter Within is the only game that provides the excitement of real fighting competition and lets you earn bragging rights over your friends.

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A gamepad cannot even scrape the surface of the true fighter within you. Defy your friends, step into the most immersive combat experience and feel the excitement of a real fight.

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Unleash your inner fighter to beat your friends with your bare knuckles.

Discover FIGHTER WITHIN™, the next-gen game that provides you with the excitement of a real fight, throwing you into the most immersive total-body combat experience ever made.

Test your real fighting skills thanks to the next gen of motion recognition. Kinect for Xbox One arms FIGHTER WITHIN™ with realistic fighting moves using unprecedented 1:1 precision movement tracking.

Enter a brutal, physical, and liberating world: Next-gen jaw-dropping graphics, real-time wounds, sweat, and facial impacts in extreme arena environments and primal animations… Kinect allows you to dive into a unique realistic experience and really feel the fight. All that you expect from a next-gen fighting game is there.

Enter a world of sweat, timing, and training. Brawling with your friends will never feel the same again.

Earn your bragging rights over your friends by proving your real fighting skills!

True friends don’t pull their punches: Let off some steam and earn your bragging rights over your best mates in ultra-raw fighting sessions. New Kinect’s power dramatically improves the multiplayer experience, allowing you to invite and defy your friends over a good fight right in your living room.

Reveal your abilities: Kicks, punches, counters, throws, combos, special moves, everything you expect from a fighting game is there: Execute precise and amazing combos thanks to the new Kinect and use the huge diversity of gameplay to choose between core combat or special attacks to destroy your opponents.

Think first, hit after: Skills are not enough to win a match, superior fighting tactics will give you the upper hand. Use your surroundings to your advantage, choose the right moves and signature attacks that will undermine your rival and finish him off with a devastating final blow.

Core combat moves are replications of the player's gestures, they are easy to trigger and inflict light damages. But players can also trigger powerful special attacks by charging their "Ki", fighters' spiritual energy.
Perform straights ! Left or right, high or low, and multiple hits to trigger combos
Switch to a short range or long range
Use hooks to inflict more damage
High guard blocks high punches
Attack a guarding opponent with a round kick
Open guard prevents being thrown
Throwing a guarding opponent will inflict him major damage
A low counter is triggered by blocking a punch and kicking the opponent simultaneously
Lean backwards and charge your Ki! Charging the Ki meter will unlock attacks that cannot be blocked and inflict more damage
A high counter is performed by ducking and punching to the stomach simultaneously